Retrofit Existing Buses: From diesel to all-electric. Pollution eliminated! Fuel costs reduced by 80 percent!:


Deciding to retrofit an existing bus to electric propulsion can be a very smart decision. Whether you start with a fairly new bus or one that is nearing retirement, the end result is a zero emission bus that is quiet and fuel efficient.

Just like a purpose-built new electric bus, but at a much lower investment. And since the bus itself is compatible with existing buses in your fleet, the drivers will quickly become familiar with electric bus operation. The driver’s seating position is the same, outward visibility is the same and steering and handling of the bus are the same. This greatly simplifies training. Spare parts management and technician training are all easier.

Ebus has developed special pre-engineered conversion kits to make the conversion process as smooth as possible:

  1. Existing engine will be removed
  2. Rear engine compartment is fully restored
  3. New propulsion system will be installed, including accessory devices
  4. Batteries are placed on the bus roof

Please consult with Ebus about the feasibility of retrofitting existing buses in your fleet to zero-emission electric buses.

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