Fast-charge Solution with the Ebus 320 kW GAMMA Fast-charge station:

The Ebus GAMMA fully integrated fast-charge system is factory built and easily installed on your transit route. The GAMMA fast-charge station charges a bus in minutes every couple of hours and enables the fast-charge electric bus to operate virtually endlessly without returning to the depot.

There is no separate building needed to house the charger electronics – it's all built into the base of the GAMMA right at the factory. This minimizes the site preparation significantly since only a 28-inch by 42-inch concrete pad is needed for the bolting down of the complete system.

With fast-charging, or opportunity charging, an electric bus can operate all day, without having to carry a large, heavy or expensive battery. During normal layover times, the bus will connect automatically to the charger without the driver needing to leave his seat.

A single GAMMA fast-charge station at the end of a typical urban route can support as many as eight buses, each taking a turn for a few minutes at a time.

This quick charge system makes it possible to operate electric buses on a route all day without having to return to the depot. That's why fast-charging stations are becoming the preferred way to realize the promises of bus electrification.

Ebus has been and continues to be a pioneer in fast-charge technology and will be there to provide single source support for all your electric bus charging needs. Contact our electric bus experts and we will help you learn more about the Ebus GAMMA fast-charge station as well as other electric bus solutions.

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