40 Foot Composite Bus

40 foot CompositEbus: A modern light weight composite body of greater strength than a steel body, yet 6,000 pounds lighter. This translates to fuel savings of up to 20%, from not hauling that….

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22 Foot Electric Bus

Ebus22 Electric Bus with 130 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery technology providing up to 125 mile driving range from a single nightly charge. At $395,000 it’s half the price of a BYD or Proterra!….

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Fast-charge Solution

The Ebus GAMMA fully integrated fast-charge system that is factory built and easily installed on your transit route. Charges a bus in minutes every couple of hours and enables the fast-charge electric bus to….

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Micro-turbine Solution

CNG Micro-turbine Electric Bus. A near zero emission micro-turbine powered by CNG that produces up to 65 kW of electricity to keep the battery charged.An

electric bus with 300 miles range not needing….

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Retrofit of existing buses

Retrofit Existing Buses: From diesel to all-electric. Pollution eliminated! Fuel costs reduced by 80 percent!….

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Ebus is the premier developer and integrator of electric drive technology for transit applications. Ebus pioneered the 22-foot electric bus that now is available with advanced lithium ion batteries and capable of operating from dawn to dusk without recharging.

For over a decade, Ebus has deployed highly efficient battery electric vehicles from California to Connecticut, now capable of operating up to 125 miles per nightly charge.

With all the years of expertise in electric bus engineering, Ebus is ready to soon introduce its greatest breakthrough yet, the light weight 40 foot CompositEbus, with multiple propulsion options, from fast-charge battery electric to conventional CNG ICE power. Whichever propulsion type, the 20 percent lighter weight of the composite body bus pays immediate benefits in efficiency and performance.

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